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James the blacksmith never thought he would be a hero in a horror-genre 2D dungeon RPG, but he thought wrong. After a local necromancer started harassing his town, James took up arms and set off to smite the great evil from the land, once and for all. Little did he know, light goes uninvited in the depths of forgotten places...

Sneak up on enemies, and be careful not to draw attention to yourself. How deep does the necromancers layer go? (Rhetorical question, the map is procedurally generated).

V.0.2. Created by Angus, Jordan and Kelvin at UVic.

This game will be updated and expanded in the near future! Criticism is welcome. We constructively borrowed from several sources in order to make this game, including:

Pixelation (Sprites): http://sprites.technoized.com/view/sprite/ro/0/W
Unity Engine 5.5: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/index.html
Unity's 2D Dungeon Generation Tutorial on Youtube
Unity's 2D Roguelike Game Tutorial on Youtube


cryptonaut.0.2.app.zip 27 MB
cryptonaut.pc.0.2.zip 23 MB


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